1.     The name of the Society shall be, in English, the Welsh Postal History Society

        and, in Welsh, Cymdeithas Hanes y Post Cymreig.

2.     The objects of the Society shall be to promote an interest in all aspects of philately

        and postal history pertaining to Wales, and to encourage this by all suitable


3.     Membership of the Society shall be open to any person on payment of an annual

        subscription, as determined from time to time at the Annual General Meeting

        (AGM).  However, it shall be in the Committee's power to decline an application

        for membership of the Society without stating a reason.

4.     The immediate relatives of a member paying the full subscription, and living at the

        same address as that member, shall be eligible for Family Membership.  Family

        members shall pay a reduced subscription, as determined from time to time at the

        AGM, and shall enjoy all the benefits of membership, except that only one copy of

        each of the Society's publication (i.e. circulars, newsletters and auction lists) shall be

        sent to each family group.

5.     Subscriptions become due on the first day of September each year.  Any member

        failing to renew a subscription, after due notice has been given and a period of at

        least three months has elapsed, shall be deemed to have relinquished membership.


6.     The following officers shall be elected each year at the AGM:

        Hon. President                  Hon. Treasurer                           Hon. Archivist

        Hon. Chairman                 Hon. Newsletter Editor              Hon. Accounts Examiner

        Hon. Vice-Chairman         Hon. Auction Secretary              Hon. Publicity Officer *

        Hon. Secretary                   Hon. Librarian                           Hon. Membership Secretary *

        * The AGM shall determine each year whether or not elections are made to these offices.


7.     The above-named officers, together with Past-Presidents, who are members ex-officio,

        and not more than three other ordinary members elected annually, shall form the

        Committee.  No elected ordinary Committee member shall serve for more than three

        consecutive years, and may not then be re-elected to the same post until a further year

        has elapsed.

8.     The Chairman and Vice-Chairman may not serve as such for more than three

        consecutive years.  All other officers shall be eligible for re-election annually.

9.   The Committee may co-opt no more than two further members to act until the

        following AGM.

10.   The Committee shall fill any vacancy among the officers or ordinary members with a

        successor to serve until the next AGM.

11.   The Society's financial affairs shall be the responsibility of the Hon. Treasurer, who

        shall prepare an annual statement. The statement shall be submitted to the Hon. Auditor.

12.   The Society shall maintain an account with a bank or other financial establishment. 

        Signatories of cheques shall be the Hon. Treasurer and one other member

        of the Committee.

13.   In the event of the Society disbanding, all funds in hand shall be distributed to charities

        determined by the Committee.

14.   Members of the Society may be elected as Fellows for outstanding service in

        advancing the interests of the Society, including the advancement of knowledge of

        the postal history of Wales and the promotion of philately in Wales.

        The number of Fellows shall be limited to SIX.  Nominations shall be submitted to

        the Hon. Secretary by two members of the Society at least three months before the AGM.

15.   An Annual General Meeting shall be held once a year in June.  Members shall be notified

        by the Hon. Secretary a suitable time in advance.

16.   Members' motions, proposed and seconded, shall be submitted to the Hon. Secretary not

        less than 15 days before the AGM.

17.   The Annual General Meeting shall be conducted by the Chairman for the time being,

        who shall have the casting vote in the event of an equal number of votes being cast.

18.   The quorum shall be five members.

19.   An ordinary meeting of the Society may be designated an Extraordinary General Meeting

        by any two members of the Society giving notice to the Hon. Secretary at least six weeks

        before such a meeting.  Such notice shall include full details of the purpose for which

        the meeting is called.