Welsh Postal History Society’s Confidentiality and Privacy Statement for Society Members

The Welsh Postal History Society exists to promote an interest in all aspects of philately

and postal history pertaining to Wales, and to encourage this by all suitable means.

What information is collected?

Depending on the specific Society service (Membership, Auction, Archive, Regional Meetings, Plâs

Tan y Bwlch weekend), the following information is collected:

Name, address, post code, email address, phone number, age group, dietary + access requirements

and collecting interests (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”).

Payment by PayPal is offered to overseas members and those who request it. PayPal will request

credit/debit card or PayPal account information to take the required payment. PayPal does not

provide this information to the WPHS. Payments by cheque are passed on to the Society’s bank for


How will the Personal Information collected be used?

Personal Information is used to provide Society membership services such as distribution of the

Newsletter, distribution of Auction Lists, distribution of Archive data, sales of publications and

mailing of auction purchases. Specific permission is sought to attribute digitally Archived postal

history items to the respective collection from which they have been sourced. Such attribution

is anonymised (coded) when sections of the Archive of Welsh Postal History are made available

to other members. Payment information will also be used by the Society to manage its book keeping

and accounts. 

How and Where is Personal Information stored?

Personal Information is stored by relevant Society Officers on password protected PC’s to support

the efficient discharge of their responsibilities. The Secretary holds a hard/paper copy of the

membership list for reference purposes which is updated annually, and the outdated version is

shredded. Any information that is transferred electronically between Society Officers is undertaken

using password encrypted files.

Who is Personal Information shared with?

The names and photographs of Society officers (subject to consent) may be publicised on the

Society’s website ( Name and address information is provided to the Society’s

printer using secure transmission and encrypted files for the mailing out of the Society Newsletter.

Feedback provided at an event may be reproduced, either in summary or verbatim, for internal

evaluation purposes or marketing purposes. However, these responses will be anonymised so that

personal details will never be provided in conjunction with feedback responses. The WPHS will

not pass on your personal details to third parties without first obtaining your consent. If a member

wishes to contact another member they should do so through the Secretary. We sometimes include

photographs of members in our Newsletter and in online meeting reports when they receive awards

or make presentations of their collections or receive specific reference in the text. Permission will be

sought prior to publication.


How long is Personal Information kept and how is it disposed of?

Membership, event booking, and auction information is stored for 7 years, after which electronic

information will be deleted and paper-based information will be shredded.

WPHS archive information is kept indefinitely as part of the history of the Society.

The Society’s printer deletes the mailing list information once the print run of the Newsletter has

been despatched.

What rights do you have over the Personal Information we hold on you?

At any point while we are in possession of your Personal Information you have the right to:

  • Request a copy of the information we hold on you.

  • Rectify any information which we may hold which is incorrect or inaccurate.

  • Ask for the information we hold about you to be erased from our records.

  • Where certain conditions apply, you have the right to limit the type of information we are

    processing about you.

  • You have the right to refuse certain types of processing such as direct marketing.


WPHS Executive Committee